A letter from former guild member and photojournalist, Michael Santiago

I was a part of two different unions prior to becoming a member of the Newspaper Guild of Pittsburgh. But I never truly saw what a union was supposed to do for its members until being a member of the Pittsburgh Guild. 

From my first day, not only was I welcomed but was made aware of how hard the guild worked for its members. They were already fighting for better health care for its members but also a much needed contract. They were transparent about every situation and pushback that they received while fighting for better working conditions for the newsroom. They also would constantly remind everyone about the things we deserved and would let us know if we were being taken advantage of. 

When things got tumultuous in the newsroom in June of 2020, especially with Alexis Johnson, they quickly had her back and the back of everyone who was punished for supporting Alexis. They never hesitated to fight for us while continuing the fight for better health care and a better contract for the newsroom. Their work is important and should be commended and supported.  

Michael M. Santiago

Former Guild member