A letter from the community, Christopher Monaghan

I believe most Americans think our humanity has evolved and we as a species are our brothers’ keeper. Then Block Communications reminds us that we are still willing to step on another’s throat in the name of the all mighty dollar.

What is going on here, along with the massive income inequality in our country, is a continuation of the old Feudalism Hierarchy. Sure, the peasants might live better, but they still need to know their place! King & Queen Block have made it abundantly clear to their vassals they aren’t appreciated and their current stature is undeserving. Why else would they slap them down with such cruel and lengthy negotiations?

Workers are not vassals – they drive the economy! The American worker is the true job creator! We decide whether or not a company needs more employees because we create the demand. And we are tired of 40 years without proper wages! Forty years of the top taking away our American dream one dollar an hour at a time, while using propaganda to blame it on the poor. Tired of being a line item, and not a human being that is trying to raise a family with dignity.

You, Mr. & Mrs. Block, may not care, but Americans are starting to, and since COVID-19, are realizing their worth. It’s just sad that you don’t. At the end of the day, real success isn’t measured in dollars, it’s measured by the love of others, and I doubt you’ll like the legacy your workers have in store for you long after you’re gone. Because in the end, that’s all that will remain of you. And trust me, I’ll do my part as well to make sure people know exactly the type of tyrant you really are!

Christopher Monaghan, Sheet Metal Workers Local 33 Toledo