Diana Nelson Jones, former 31-year employee of PG

At a time when the mainstream media is under attack from many misguided members of the public, it is doubly insulting to have the owners of mainstream media threatening professional journalists by undermining their unity as workers.

The Newspaper Guild of Pittsburgh has worked for decades to assure that its members are paid respectable wages and receive benefits worthy of their efforts. It is crucial to the quality of the work, and to the product, that top-flight professionals remain at the paper and seek employment there. And that is crucial to the robustness of our democracy.

Diana Nelson Jones

31-year employee of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Oct. 1989-Jan. 2021

Diana Nelson Jones in the middle of the union members for a group shot in front of the old Post-Gazette building on the Blvd of the Allies on Monday, Sept. 2, 2019. The last Labor Day parade we would march in.